All on a Mardi Gras Day



Directed by Michal Pietrzyk
22 mins | USA, 2019 | English with English subtitles | Finnish Premiere

Friday, 25 October: 18:30 – 20:00, Arthouse Cinema Niagara

In a gentrifying New Orleans, black artist Demond Melancon sacrifices to be Big Chief in a secret 200-year subculture known as Mardi Gras Indians: African-American men from the city’s roughest neighbourhoods who spend all year sewing feathered suits they’ll wear only once, in a battle to decide who’s ‘the prettiest’. The film is an intimate portrait of one man’s obsessive journey to honour the bond between runaway slave ancestors and the Native Americans who housed them during their escape.

Michal Pietrzyk was born in Poland and immigrated to the US after his father’s imprisonment as a member of the anti-communist movement Solidarity. He started his career as an editor of unscripted television, graduating to a producer for National Geographic, Discovery and others. ‘All on a Mardi Gras Day’ is his directorial debut.

Produced by: Michal Pietrzyk
Producers: Michal Pietrzyk, David Favret, Celeste Caliri, Gabriel Bienczycki
Director of Photography: Gabriel Bienczycki
Sound: Jason Devore
Edited by: Michal Pietrzyk
Music by: Kai Engel
Contact: Michal Pietrzyk

This film will be followed by I Snuck Off the Slave Ship.

Photo Credit(s): Sergio Cabral