It’s that old black rooster sound. Wheezing Farfisa organs, twanging surf guitars, a theremin, the essential güiro and plenty of percussion rolling out the loping grooves of Amazonian cumbia, huayno, cumbia sonidera, boogaloo and Peruvian chicha. It’s the soundtrack to a psychedelic spaghetti western starring the Grim Reaper, Mexican-style, brought to you by Sonido Gallo Negro. The nine-piece instrumental combo from east Mexico City have crafted their lysergic cumbia mix into an engrossing audio-visual experience with a wardrobe full of pagan masks and bone-suits and the input of artist Dr. Alderete who, as well as tweaking the theremin, uses tagtool software to create projected images in real-time, intuitively reacting to the music. This year they released their third studio album, Mambo Cosmico, and have been busy altering people’s perceptions across Europe and South America.