The popular folk music bar Casa das Crechas in Santiago de Compostela has long been a breeding ground for international music conversations and collaborations, and it is from this here that Ailá have emerged. They are part of a growing movement in Galicia, known as tribus tradis, inspired by respect for Galician heritage music, dance and poetry, but with a boundless vision infused with global culture. Driven by the full-throated accordion playing and bass drum beating of Xan Pampin, Ailá romp through xotas, muiñeiras, waltzes and pasodobres with an uplifting joy fuelled by the collective vibrations of Galician tambourines, bagpipes and trumpet and the enchanting singing voice of Angela Carou, in pursuit of their stated desire to “share the universal energy typical of Galician traditional singing and dancing, its deepest essence, its joy”.

Juan Ramón Pampín Iglesias accordion, bass drum

Abel Gañete Vázquez flugelhorn, trumpet

Ángela Carou Bendaña percussion, vocals

Manuel Pardo Lareo vocals, percussion, bagpipe

Starts 28. Oct., 22:30. Ends 28. Oct., 23:15.
Atlantic Connections Stage