Ana Carla Maza


The music of cellist and vocalist extraordinaire, Ana Carla Maza, reflects a range of influences, from the traditional music of her childhood to bossa nova and habanera and beyond, executed with a formidable technique of percussive rhythmic playing, dexterous bowing, and serenely passionate vocals. Born in Cuba, the daughter of Chilean pianist and composer Carlos Maza and Cuban guitarist Mirza Sierra, she started learning cello at the age of eight. The family moved to Spain in 2007 where, still a teenager, she toured as soloist with the Mediterranean Symphony Orchestra and performed across Europe with her father. Moving to Paris in 2012 to study at the Sorbonne Conservatory, her solo career blossomed into collaborations with cello maestro Vincent Ségal, rock star Jean Louis Aubert and commissions for film soundtracks. Her third album, Bahia, was released in 2022.

Ana Carla Maza leader, vocals, cello

Norman Peplow piano

Arnaud Dolmen drums

Starts 29. Oct., 00:30. Ends 29. Oct., 01:15.
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