Avalanche Kaito

Burkina Faso/Belgium

The PR subheading is griot post-punk noise, which doesn’t adequately describe the masterful fusion of traditional Burkinabe songs with post-modern pre-futuristic electrically charged blocks of monolithic staccato grooves generated by Avalanche Kaito. Singer, percussionist, peul flute, and one-string bow player Kaito Wimse from Burkina Faso was looking for ‘music that didn’t exist yet’ and journeyed from Ouagadougou to Brussels in 2017, where he met up with drummer and pure data experimental electronics manipulator, Benjamin Chaval and began practicing, performing and gaining the recognition of Glitterbeat Records, who released their first EP in 2022. Shortly after, they were joined by ‘anarcho-guitarist’, Nico Gitto, from whose baritone guitar and bank of pedals pours forth molten chords, metal marimbas and orchestral canopies, synchronous to Chaval’s unstoppable drumming, combining with Wimse’s ancestral griot energy to bring the new into existence.

Kaito vocals

Nico Gitto guitar

Benjamin Chaval drums

Starts 28. Oct., 00:00. Ends 28. Oct., 00:45.
Pelicano Stage