Electronic musician Alejandro Guillán, aka Baiuca, lives in Madrid, is known throughout Spain and has toured in many continents, but his heart remains in his native Galicia. Indeed, it’s the centuries-old chants, poetry, song and rhythms of the north-western region, infused over time with itinerant Celtic and North African influences, that are the wellspring from which he constantly draws inspiration for his folk-tronic melding of Galician folklore and mysticism with compelling electronic grooves. To summon the spirit of the meigas, the enigmatic women of Galician folklore frequently portrayed as witches and healers, he sought out the cantareiras of Lilaina, a quartet of sisters steeped in the trance-inducing healing songs and rhythmic chants of village tradition. Further authentic enhancement comes from Xosé Lois Romero on traditional drums and kitchen utensils with visuals by VJ Adrián Canoura.

Baiuca programming, controller, DJ, synthesiser, flute, cunchas

Andrea Montero Ramos vocals

Alejandra Montero Ramos vocals

Xosé Lois Romero Cajigal percussion

Adrián Canoura Sánchez VJ

Starts 28. Oct., 00:45. Ends 28. Oct., 01:30.
Parrote Stage