Bamba Wassoulou Groove


Bamba Wassoulou Groove were originally formed to honour the legacy of late Malian guitar legend Zani Diabaté, a prime mover in mixing traditional styles with rock energy in the ‘80s with his Super Djata Band. Percussionist Bamba Dembélé, who played in the Super Djata band before joining the legendary Super Rail Band, put together Bamba Wassoulou Groove with fellow Super Rail musicians, guitarist Moussa Diabaté and drummer Maguett Diop in 2013, two years after Zani Diabaté passed away. Completing the line-up with pick of a new generation of players, they quickly established themselves as a major force. Dembélé led them through two albums and international tours before passing away in 2018. Now Moussa Diabaté is at the helm, his dazzling technique and soulful soloing ably counterbalanced by the psychedelic explorations of second guitarist Mamadou Diabaté.

Moussa Diabaté guitar

Mamadou Diabaté guitar

Aboubacar Diombana bass

Maguett Diop drums

Ousmane Diakité vocals

Starts 29. Oct., 00:45. Ends 29. Oct., 01:30.
Parrote Stage