Beatriz Rosário


Beatriz Rosário sings with the nuance and passion that are hallmarks of the classic fado style, applying them qualities with courage and originality to the contemporary mix she calls ‘alternative fado’. On her recent series of successful single releases with maverick singer/producers Agir and Ivo Lucas, the voice and Portuguese guitar of fado are seamlessly integrated with contemporary electronic grooves and pop influences that underscore rather than obscure the deep-rooted expression of the Portuguese soul. Beatriz Rosário grew up listening to fado and at the age of 16 began singing in clubs, learning from artists such as Maria da Fé and Ana Moura. Now in her early 20s, she is building on this experience, distilling the essence of fado into new sounds for the next generations.

Starts 27. Oct., 21:00. Ends 27. Oct., 21:45.
Atlantic Connections Stage