Exile sharpens the awareness of home. Danûk came together amidst chaotic times in 2015 in Istanbul, to where the group of music and fine arts graduates had fled the war in Syria. To survive they took to street performances, soon gaining a commission to compose a film score. As the ensemble evolved, they sought to revive a collective consciousness of their homeland, exploring phonograph recordings of Kurdish folklore and wedding songs, preserved on wax cylinders and discs for over a century in institutional archives in Berlin and Vienna. A selection of these deeply weathered songs forms the basis of their album, Morîk, produced by Snarky Puppy mastermind, Michael League. A true labour of love on which Danûk successfully transmit the deep joys and heartfelt longings of Kurdish culture with irresistible celebratory energy.

Kimia Bani percussions

Ferhad Feyssal vocals, electric guitar

Hozan Peyal buzuq

Ronas Sheikhmous Bilûr, Mey, Zirna

Starts 27. Oct., 21:30. Ends 27. Oct., 22:15.
Theatre Stage