DefMaa MaaDef


A high-energy encounter of two queens of the Senegalese urban scene, joining formidable forces to push the new sounds of Dakar further into global awareness. DefMaa MaaDef are Mamy Victory, renowned rapper with a reputation as a powerful stage presence, and Defa, a sought-after singer on the R&B scene, known for her involvement with prominent hi-speed hip-hoppers, Daara J Family. The melodies and rhythms of their compositions are unmistakeably rooted in Senegalese culture, expertly aligned with the universal influences of electro-pop, hip-hop and the greater global urban macro-culture, creating a perfect vehicle for their positive feminine power poetry. Together with young star of the Dakar electro scene, DJ Zeina, and Many Dré on drums, DefMaa MaaDef are quickly establishing themselves as a vital new force on the international block.

Starts 29. Oct., 00:00. Ends 29. Oct., 00:45.
Pelicano Stage