Erini assimilated her passion for Greek-Anatolian music while growing up in Crete, introduced to the traditions by her mother, a descendant of Greek refugees displaced from Anatolia in the 1920s. Now herself a part of the greater Greek diaspora, she is based in New York, where she went to gain her master’s degree at Berklee College of Music. After a three-year tour as part of the Cirque du Soleil production, Kurios, and participating as vocalist on Danilo Perez’s Grammy-nominated album, Crisálida, she delved back into her roots with her first single, ‘Korasion Etragoudage’, a Greek traditional song from Anatolia with solo cello accompaniment that garnered over a million views on Facebook, setting her solo career in motion with the formation of her own ensemble and a sold-out New York concert debut in June this year.

Erini vocals

Evangelos Karipis percussions

Vasileios Ketentzoglou guitar

Christos Barmpas ney

Ioannis Poulios violin

Sofia Pavlina Efkleidou cello

Dimitrios Tsekouras double bass

Starts 28. Oct., 23:00. Ends 28. Oct., 23:45.
Theatre Stage