South Korea

Haepaary (pronounced ‘he̞pʰa̠ri’) radically redefine the music of Confuscianism. That is to say, their electronic manifestations are layered in centuries of Korean meaning, drawing melodies and lyrics from the deep well of Jongmyo Jeryeak, the royal ancestral ceremony music of the Joseon dynasty (1392–1897), and Namchang Gagok, a traditional Korean vocal genre previously performed exclusively by men, and immersing them in a spectral bath of sound and pulse. Haepaary are vocalist Minhee Park and electronics manipulator Hyewon Choi. Since their inception in 2020 they have released a series of singles and the EP, Born by Gorgeousness, which picked up Best Electronic Album at the Korean Music Awards 2022. A Haepaary performance is an ethereal dance through the modern electrically charged city, mindful of the successive historical layers beneath the streets from which it assumes its shape.

Minhee Park vocals

Hyewon Choi instruments

Starts 27. Oct., 22:30. Ends 27. Oct., 23:15.
Pelicano Stage