Hilder Brando aka Killabeatmaker, Medellin-based DJ-producer and singer-songwriter, has been an influential presence on the Colombian scene for over two decades, through his work as producer for successful Colombian artists like Juan Astronauta and Tairona and collaborations with Toby Tobon and DJ collective Papá Kumbé. With his live-set band he invokes deep Afro-Colombian spiritual rhythms from today’s electronic circuitry magic, skilfully intertwining them with live percussion, gaita flutes and stringed instruments speaking the language of Andean-Indigenous music traditions to create a ritual passage through time. Over the past five years the Killabeatmaker project has been moving spirits with its holistic human message of celebration at festivals throughout Europe and the Americas. This year saw the release of the latest album, Ukun, racking up multiple plays and positive reviews globally, followed by another European tour.

Hilder Brando Osorno Palacio frontman, vocals, percussion, synthesiser

Guadalupe Giraldo Hincapié drums, gaita (Andean flute), vocals

Julián Ramírez Herrera percussion, backing-vocals

Sponsor: Ludwig Sound Booking Agency

Starts 27. Oct., 00:00. Ends 27. Oct., 00:45.
Pelicano Stage