Ko Shin Moon


Armed with traditional stringed instruments and electronic music machines, Ko Shin Moon stage a harmonious collision between Mediterranean cultures and psychedelic space disco in their quest for eclecticism, cosmopolitanism and hybridity born of free and respectful experimentation. They emerged in 2017 when Axel Moon returned from a four-year journey collecting folk instruments and reunited with old friend Niko Shin, who had been busy setting up a studio full of analogue synthesisers and vintage recording equipment, which became the creative crucible for their cross-border retro-futuristic sound collages developed over three albums and live shows including stays in Cairo and Jaffa, where encounters with local luminaries paved the way for the first of their ‘miniature’ series of releases, since expanded to include collaborations with Greek singer Mélina Vlachos and Turkish chanteuse Melike Şahin.

Niko Shin synthesizers, machines, vocals

Axel Moon saz, machines, vocals

Starts 28. Oct., 22:30. Ends 28. Oct., 23:15.
Pelicano Stage