Magalí Sare & Manel Fortià

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A jazz duo of double bass and voice is not an easy one to pull off, but Magalí Sare and Manel Fortià promise “an excellent chemistry and ability to improvise with supple elegance”. When Magalí Sare and Manel Fortià embark on their musical journeys they travel to a place where Catalonian folk songs, flamenco, Ibero-American sounds and myriad other sources of inspiration intermingle and are expanded upon through playful improvisation, carrying the listener along through surprising twists and turns. Singer, flautist, composer Magalí Sare has released four albums since 2018 exploring jazz, Catalan songs, and electronic chamber music. Double bassist Manel Fortià lives between Barcelona and New York, where he has played with an impressive roster of jazz luminaries and leads his own trio.

Magalí Sare vocals

Manel Fortià double bass

Starts 26. Oct., 22:30. Ends 26. Oct., 23:15.
Atlantic Connections Stage