Mouvman Alé

La Réunion

Virassamy-Macé, Mouvman Alé present an explosive and audacious view on Reunion’s identity: drawing on the Indian Hindu celebratory trance music of the Malbar community, in which Virassamy-Macé grew up; the voice and percussion Creole pulse of Maloya; and the unavoidable assimilation of global musical energies through formative experiences in Bordeaux and London – hard-rock, electronics and deep frequency telluric groove-currents, through which the emotive energy of universal humanity dissolves semantic frontiers. Virassamy-Macé, the mountain man from the side of the volcano, founded the band in 2016 but it took until 2018 to consolidate the current line-up, all ex-students of EMA, the island’s music school, now bonded into a familial entity through shared musical and spiritual experiences, powerfully communicating the urgent necessity of being human.

Franswa Virassamy-Macé vocals, guitar, percussions, Kayamb

Benjamin Rebolle keys, MAO, backing vocals

Baptiste Clément guitar, bass, backing vocals

Loïc Médoc-Elma percussions, backing vocals

Starts 26. Oct., 21:30. Ends 26. Oct., 22:15.
Theatre Stage