Neomak, which means ‘new moon’ in Greek, are seven young Basque women with attitude, creating a new fusion of traditional Basque folk with a contemporary pulse. Electronic dance grooves underpin the skittering rhythms of the pandero and the pumping melodies of the trikitixa, as they sing, chant, dance, and assert their position as torchbearers of a constantly evolving Basque cultural expression. The ensemble first came together in 2013 when Kepa Junkera was looking to put together a female tambourine, vocals and dance group for a new project, Sorginak. They spent five years travelling the world with him, bonding and sowing the seeds for Neomak, which they finally unveiled in January 2021, and they have been captivating audiences ever since. Their eponymous debut album was released in 2022.  

Eneritz Aulestia Mutilozabal vocals, tambourine

Alaitz Eskudero Unanue vocals, tambourine

Leire Etxezarreta Learreta vocals, tambourine, trikitixa

Garazi Otaegi Lasarte vocals, tambourine

Amets Ormaetxea Ezpeleta vocals, tambourine

Maria Lasa Hilario vocals, tambourine, trikitixa

Irati Gutierrez Artetxe vocals, tambourine, trikitixa

Starts 27. Oct., 00:00. Ends 27. Oct., 00:45.
Atlantic Connections Stage