Join the Neo-Zombie-Post-Folk Talharpa revival here. Thousands already have: in their homeland of Estonia, where they’ve been amassing adoring followers since 2014, and in the wider world from Chile to Taiwan, where they’ve been surprising audiences at festivals like Colours of Ostrava, WOMAD and Mundial Montreal, to name a few. Puuluup is a duo comprising multi-instrumentalist, painter and Estonian looping pioneer, Ramo Teder, and talharpa player, singer and lecturer in sociology and cultural anthropology, Marko Veisson. The Estonian bowed harp, talharpa, representing tradition and folklore, is the iconic element that is channelled into the technological age through effects and loopers, meeting with inspirations drawn from Vormsileiks and the Finnish jouhikko repertoire, Sahel blues, Russian chastushkas, old Estonian punk and Polish TV themes, collectively thrust into an extravaganza of eclectic improvisation and unexpected choreography.

Marko Veisson Talharpa, vocals, looper

Ramo Teder Talharpa, vocals, looper

Sponsor: Baltic Cultural Fond, Music Estonia

Starts 28. Oct., 23:15. Ends 29. Oct., 00:00.
Parrote Stage