Teo Collori & Momento Cigano


It was a chance cinema visit that set Slovenian guitar ace Teo Collori on his current musical path. Already busy as an all-style session player and known performer on the contemporary jazz scene, he discovered a particular passion for the Gypsy Swing jazz of Django Reinhardt while watching Woody Allen’s film, Midnight in Paris. Immersing himself in the grand master’s repertoire, he gathered around him some like-minded, talented musicians and formed his own Hot Club style band. But this was not to be a tribute band performing covers and emulating the style. Teo Collori and Momento Cigano invoke the spirit of Django through Teo’s original compositions, creating a fresh and revivifying take on the master’s legacy, exemplified on the acclaimed 2015 debut album Hot Club Piran, and explored and enhanced on four more releases to date.

Starts 28. Oct., 00:30. Ends 28. Oct., 01:15.
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