Vivi Pozzebón


Argentinian percussionist and singer Vivi Pozzebón has a unique way of mixing Argentine, African and Caribbean music into a sonic journey that fuses traditional rhythms with the power of urban beats. Her wide repertoire incorporates the rhythms of Cuban conga, cumbia, reggae, huayno, hip-hop, yoruba chants, chamamé, Brazilian samba, milonga, candombe, Peruvian celebration, chacarera and Argentine cuarteto, and includes traditional Latin American folk songs and her own compositions. She began her career with the female percussion quartet De Boca en Boca, performing with them for 12 years before embarking on a solo career, releasing three albums to date. Since 2010 she has also directed, together with percussionist Liliana Zavala, the project Tamboreras – Mujeres al Tambor, travelling around the country with percussion workshops, lectures and live shows to build a network of female percussionists.

Starts 27. Oct., 22:30. Ends 27. Oct., 23:15.
Atlantic Connections Stage