Ethiopiques Magnetic Suite

Photo: Lahuit

Directed by Stéphane Jourdain        

Duration 87’| French/ English/Amhara with English subtitles

Production Country, Year France, 2023 | Produced by La Huit / Corpus Film / Qwest TV | Producers Stéphane Jourdain, Benoît Perraud | Executive producer Stéphane Jourdain| Associate producer Benoît Perraud| Directors of Photography Leila Morouche, Christophe Michelet | Sound David Souchaud, Guillaume Valeix | Editor Justine Hiriart  | Distributed by Auditorium Films

Dazzled by the surrealist movement, Francis Falceto decided at the age of 17 to live an extraordinary life. In the 1980s, co-created l’Oreille est Hardie and Le Confort Moderne in Poitiers, leaving his mark on French underground culture. A record he discovered by chance opened another important chapter in his life: Ethiopian music, of which he became a great champion. Ethiopiques Magnetic Suite is the portrait of a discreet and important man, and a dive into counterculture.

Stéphane Jourdain, CEO of La Huit Production, studied ethnomusicology before turning to film production and direction. He has directed portraits of personalities who have played a major role in the discovery and knowledge of music: Deben Bhattacharya, Rémy Kolpa Kopoul, Francis Falceto – the éminences grises of the art of sounds.

The main protagonist, Francis Falceto, and Thomas Bouet from Qwest TV, who co-produced the film, will be presenting the film and will be available for the Q&A after the screening.

Starts 28. Oct., 20:00. Ends 28. Oct., 21:30.