Kite Zo A

Photo: Kaveh Nabatian

English title: Leave the Bones

Directed by Kaveh Nabatian

Duration 70’ | Haïtian Creole with English subtitles

Production Country, Year Haiti/Canada, 2022 | Produced by Kaveh Nabatian | Co-produced by Zach Niles, Joseph Ray | Producers Kaveh Nabatian, Zach Niles, Joseph Ray | Director of Photography Kaveh Nabatian | Sound Sacha Ratcliffe, Joseph Ray | Editor Kaveh Nabatian | Distributed by La Distributrice de Films

“Kite Zo A” (Leave the Bones) is a sensorial film about rituals in Haiti, from ancient to modern, made in collaboration with poets, dancers, musicians, fishermen, daredevil rollerbladers, and Vodou priests, set to the poetry by Haitian author Wood-Jerry Gabriel.

Kaveh Nabatian is an Iranian-Canadian artist whose evocative filmmaking has brought to life stories from the margins of society and across the world: Cuba, Haiti, Nunavut, India, and beyond. As a composer and trumpet player, he’s toured the world and released several critically-acclaimed albums with his Juno award-winning band Bell Orchestre.

Starts 27. Oct., 20:00. Ends 27. Oct., 21:15.