La Singla

Photo: Lippmann + Rau archives

Directed by Paloma Zapata

Duration 95’ | Spanish with English subtitles

Production Country, Year Spain, Germany, 2023 | Produced by La Fábrica Naranja | Co-produced by inselfilm produktion, Malandar Films | Producers Paloma Zapata, Nadja Smith, Paola Sainz de Baranda | Director of Photography Iñaki Gorraiz, Dani Mauri | Sound Hannes Shulze, Matthias Schwab, Nora Haddad, Enrique G. Bermejo | Editor Paloma Zapata  | Distributed by Atera Films, Rise and Shine World Sales

Antonia Singla, known artistically as La Singla, was born deaf and learned to dance flamenco without hearing the music. At the age of 17, she revolutionised the world of flamenco, but before she turned 30, she disappeared from the stage without a trace. 50 years later, a filmmaker comes across archival footage and becomes captivated by her – La Singla seems to hide something tragic behind her gaze and transmits a passion that goes beyond dance. So, she decides to unravel the mystery surrounding La Singla’s disappearance and sets out on a journey to find her and learn her heart-breaking story first-hand.

Paloma Zapata is a director, editor and producer of international music videos and music documentaries. In 2008, she founded her production company in Barcelona, La Fábrica Naranja. Her films have been broadcast on Movistar+, Al Jazeera, TVE and TV3, and premiered at festivals including BAFICI (Argentina) and Guadalajara (Mexico).

Starts 26. Oct., 20:00. Ends 26. Oct., 21:45.