A journey of self-discovery helped Liraz Charhi create her unique fusion of traditional Persian music with modern electronic sounds. Liraz grew up in Ramla, Israel, where her family had emigrated from Iran in 1970. Growing up speaking Hebrew at school and Farsi at home, she learned about pre-revolutionary Iranian life from her parents, kindling a lasting fascination for the music and artists of those lost times. The galvanising moment came when her burgeoning acting career took her to Hollywood, where she discovered the large American-Iranian community, hearing many stories of Iran in the ‘70s, inspiring her to henceforth dedicate her musical activities to the styles and language of her cultural heritage. Three albums ensued and the recent Glitterbeat release, Roya, was recorded in Istanbul with the remote and necessarily anonymous participation of Iranian musicians.

Liraz vocals

Gilad Levin guitar

Roy Chen drums

Eitan Josef Drabkin keyboard

Amir Sadot bass


Starts 28. Oct., 21:45. Ends 28. Oct., 22:30.
Parrote Stage