It all started with Piranha Events’ first concert (Rufus Thomas on 27 January 1987 in the »Metropol«, Berlin) as well as with Piranha Records’ first vinyl longplayer that same year – PIR 001 was called »Beat! Apartheid«. Founded in Berlin in 1987, Piranha has operated for three decades both locally and globally. With our team of more than 30 Piranhas, we are active as organisers, presenters, curators, developers and multipliers.

The Piranha Arts tree now has six dynamic branches. As a music publisher with its own label, we have been carrying new sounds and artists from all countries via Kreuzberg, Berlin to the entire world ever since. In Berlin, we initiated trailblazing festivals such as HeimatKlänge, Bands United, Fête de la Musique, C3 – Club Contemporary Classical and The Nights of Ramadan. With changing locations and partners, we organise the leading branch events WOMEX – the World Music Expo and Classical:NEXT.
We entertain international partnerships and – with Piranha Arts Consultancy – work with professional conferences and network initiatives on four continents. Whether it is with our events or the global sounds of Piranha Records – we campaign for cultural diversity in Berlin and everywhere around the globe. Music means the world to us!  In Berlin we are now best known for the Karneval der Kulturen, the million strong annual street parade and festival – which since 1996 has grown to become the biggest manifestation of cultural diversity in Germany.

Piranha stays in flux and is always open for more. We stay active at the borders: between music and tech, by research & development, between music and audiovisual, with international film projects and programmes.

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Nordesía Produccións is based in Santiago de Compostela founded in 1996 by Vítor Belho and Paco de Pin. Since then, the mission has been to establish and strengthen links between the different cultures of the world, promoting activities in the music and performing arts sectors.

Nordesía is specialised in the design and production of artistic events such as festivals, music cycles or cultural programmes and in the distribution of artists, with more than 2,500 concerts performed all over the world.

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